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ROCA DESIGN LTD. is proud to introduce the latest line of Door and  Cabinet Hardware. We offer an extensive decorative product range capable of meeting a great variety of expectations.

Every handle is crafted following a rich tradition of quality and attention to architectural detail. It can be seen in the character of the hand-finished designs.

Architectural style combined with culture of excellence will impress the most exquisite taste. Our products will make your home exclusive and elegant.

Feel the details of architectural design and style provided in our wide selection of products. Please, send us your comments and inquiries about hardware.


ROCA DESIGN is focused on trying to make it pleasure to achieve the power of the complete and well designed interior space.

By providing an extensive range of interior door and cabinetry hardware we control the quality and design to the smallest detail. You're sure to find a hardware that meets your design needs, manufactured with the latest technology.

You can rest assured that you're getting a high quality, long lasting door hardware by some of the best warranties in the business.

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